no time to cook? Go Chef delivers gourmet meals right to you doorstep. it's easy, fast and a healthy alternative to dining out.

what's for lunch?

Delicious, nutritious meals designed to fit into most health regimens delivered straight to your home or office.

what's for dinner?

We solve the eternal question of, “What’s for dinner?” by delivering meals to your doorstep. Microwave or oven ready and dinner is on the table in minutes!

Check out our weekly menus, always fresh, new and inventive cuisine for lunch or dinner, and it changes week by week. Kids menu available.

Minimum order of a $100 a week.


sample menus


healthy gourmet lunches $10.50 each

  • Lunch 1

    Pan seared tilapia with 2oz tropical salsa and 1 cup jicama, green onion and carrots raisin salad

  • Lunch 2

    5oz shrimp corn cakes with 1oz mango relish, 1 cup mixed greens, romaine and spinach salad with 2oz mango vinaigrette

  • Lunch 3

    5oz red wine poached chicken breast with 1 cup Greek salad, non fat feta and 2oz Italian vinaigrette

  • Lunch 4

    5oz diced turkey with chopped marjoram and 1 cup white bean oregano salad with non fat feta

  • Lunch 5

    1ea slow braised shredded hicory smoked beef lettuce wrap with 1oz non fat chipotle mayo with 1 cup lentils, roasted golden beets, green onions and sunflower seeds salad


sample menus


healthy dinners $18.95 each

  • Dinner 1

    5oz diced chicken, spinach, parsnip, ricotta stuff cabbage with 2oz tarragon zucchini puree

    3oz steamed baby bok choy

    3oz brown rice with chives and currants

  • Dinner 2

    5oz sage rubbed lean pork tenderloin with 2oz pear date chutney

    3oz green beans and balsamic onions

    3oz parsnip puree with chopped arugula

  • Dinner 3

    5oz extra firm tofu and garden burger chili, non fat cheddar cheese

    3oz curried roasted cauliflower

    3oz steamed brown rice with smoked pinto beans

  • Dinner 4

    5oz tequila and cilantro marinated grilled flank steak with grilled tomato relish

    3oz sunburst squash with basil and orange segments

    3oz steamed carrots with orange cranberries

  • Dinner 5

    5oz turkey meatloaf wrapped in turkey bacon with 2oz wild mushroom and oregano sauce

    3oz sautéed leeks, spinach and chopped garlic

    3oz roasted parsnip and pearl onions


sample menus


healthy gourmet dinners $22.50 each

  • Dinner 1

    Red snapper with wilted spinach and tomato black bean corn salsa

  • Dinner 2

    Braised beef tri-tip with pearl onions, fennel and fava beans

  • Dinner 3

    Chicken breast with dates, apricots and fennel


delivery area

  • Currently serving the following areas:

    Rancho Santa Fe, Downtown San Diego, La Jolla, Carmel Valley, Sorrento Valley, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Escondido, San Clemente, Laguna Nigel.

    If you don’t see your area, please call us for special requests!


this week's menu


kids healthy dinners $6.50 each

  • Dinner 1

    Beef cheddar chili macaroni and cheese

  • Dinner 2

    Chicken and spinach lasagna

  • Dinner 3

    Mango BBQ beef macaroni and cheese

  • Dinner 4

    Turkey meatballs, broccoli and a tomato cream sauce

  • Dinner 5

    Chicken fettucini alfredo pasta